My Numbers

Countries visited: 56

Countries lived in: 4

Countries with citizenship: 2

International relocations: 6

Miles flown: 3.5 million+

Favorite plane: 747

Homes owned right now: 2

Months since living in either: 134

Boxes used in last move: 91

University degrees: 2

Boxes they are in: 5 & 14

My Recommendations

Ride the Rails to Machu Picchu

Hike the Na Pali Cliffs

Snorkel in Aitutaki Lagoon

Admire San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs

Cruise Alaska’s Last Frontier

Party in Vegas & New Orleans

Eat at Giordano’s in Chicago

Read My Home Town’s History

See the Cherry Blossoms in DC

Play in the Snow in Central Park

Stay at a B&B in Martha’s Vineyard

My Details


MEA Sathorn Vista

1 Sathorn Road, Soi 3

Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Thailand: +66.8.9495.8191

Global: +1.703.531.8870

Skype: brianwcollins


Photo Courtesy of Laurel Montgomery

My Property

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Safari in Africa

Ride Horseback in the Daintree

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Explore Angkor Wat

Relax at a Thai Beach Resort

Be Amazed by China Beach

Enjoy Bhutan’s Pristine Nature

Photograph Rome at Night

Picnic in the Gardens of Versailles

Snack on Sacher Torte in Vienna

Live in London